Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in Eugene, Oregon

The goal of tuckpointing is to restore damaged mortar that hold bricks together. Damage is generally caused by harsh weather conditions and moisture.

While bricks have a lifespan of 100 years or longer, mortar only stands the test of time for so long. Most mortar is good for 20-25 years.

Our brick repair team in Eugene, Oregon specializes in tuckpointing for chimneys and all other types of brick structures. We a use a careful process to remove old mortar and then install fresh mortar that matches the color on the outside.

Tuckpointing is an important process in preserving the life and look of a brick chimney or wall. The procedure restores structural stability, prevents water from entering, stops corrosion of mortar joints, and improves curb appeal and the overall value of your home or commercial building.

Another benefit of tuckpointing is that it is much more cost effective than tearing down and rebuilding. So, if you want to save big bucks, call our masonry professionals for professional and affordable services near you in Eugene and surrounding areas.


One of the top reasons to reach out to our brick repair and tuckpointing professionals is so that you can be confident about the recommendations and advice you are given.

Eugene Brick layer making sure wall is level with a leveler

The masonry profession is not intensely regulated, which sometimes means that anyone can set up a small company to do work, even if they have no prior experience, skill or knowledge. It may also mean that you may run into scammers who work hard to dupe consumers into paying up front for repairs they say are needed, and then the work is never completed.

With our team, you get honest and reliable professional service. We provide a detailed assessment and answer questions you may have about tuckpointing, brick repair, brick replacement, and chimney repair.

If work is needed, we offer solutions that are affordable and meet your budget. If no repairs are required, we let you know. With us, you have peace of mind.

Sure signs of mortar and joint damage that requires professional repair

A well-built brick wall or chimney generally remains in good condition for about 20 years. At that point it may begin to show visible signs of deterioration.

Some signs, however, might not be as obvious to the untrained eye. In that case, calling upon the assistance of a licensed masonry contractor to evaluate the structure is of utmost importance.

Our professional technicians arrive with the appropriate tools and knowledge to assess brick mortar and provide a thorough evaluation.

If you witness the following signs of brick and mortar problems, please contact us today for help:

  • Crumbling joints
  • Misaligned joints
  • Missing or loose mortar joints
  • Water damage and leakage in the interior of your home or building
  • Wall bowing or leaning