Replacement Services

Brick replacement in Eugene, Oregon

Even the hardest objects known to man can fall apart or break. Unfortunately, bricks are no exception. And when they do crack, chip, or break, it can be frustrating and messy for homeowners, businesses and property managers.

A broken or loose brick in a chimney, wall, or foundation not only looks terrible, but worst of all it can lead to further, more costly damage.

If you have bricks that have suffered wear and tear in your house or building, we can help. Old brickwork might be able to be repaired, but in some cases they will have to be totally replaced. Our expert masonry professionals have the equipment and know-how to tackle any project.

Whether your mortar joints and bricks are 100 years old or fairly new, we can restore them to their best state. We go above and beyond to be one of the top masonry companies in Eugene, Oregon.

Two or three damaged bricks and mortar might be a nice weekend DIY project. However, if it’s many more than that or you are having issues with bricks in a load-bearing wall, it advised to consult a professional for tuckpointing, replacement, or repair help.

Our crew delivers free on-site consultations, accurate estimates, and affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more.

What causes brickwork to break down

A handful of conditions  are most often responsible for the deterioration of bricks. Such wear and tear typically results in needing brick repair or, more often than not, replacement of bricks.

The most common downfalls of brickwork include: 1) old and aging structures, 2) deteriorating brick mortar that isn’t maintained, and 3) harsh winter weather conditions we sometimes endure here in Oregon.

If not for frigid winters, Eugene area masonry wouldn’t suffer so much – even if it not properly maintained on a regular basis (every 20 to 30 years).

Most brick repair projects are relatively minor if you pay close attention to changes that appear on the surface. Major problems can be totally avoided if you act fast and have minor repairs completed when needed.

A brick’s face (or exposed portion) is typically baked at a higher temperature to limit moisture absorption. In time, however, the effects of wind, rain, variations in temperature, UV sun rays, and air pollutants weaken a brick’s protective surface. When this happens, it can be easily penetrated by  water and moisture. Old mortar between bricks allows even more moisture inside.

Brick surfaces and mortar that is breaking down, combined with moisture and freezing temperatures, are often responsible for brick spalling and mortar joint cracking.

Do not put off fixing or replacing smaller brick problems. Our free inspection, along with low-cost replacement or repair service, can potentially save you thousands of dollars in future restoration work.