Eugene Brick Repair on a damaged bulging wall

If you own a home and have brick and block walls, it is likely that you are not familiar with how to do a brick repair. It can be very difficult to repair a foundation that has already been damaged by water or other elements. For this reason, homeowners should call our professional Eugene brick masonry contractors that know how to repair brick and block foundations.

One of the most common problems faced by homeowners with bricks is cracking or chipping away at the mortar joints. When water seeps in between the mortar, it can cause significant damage to the surface of the brick. As the water breaks down the mortar, it also weakens the structure of the brick. When this happens, the entire foundation can collapse.

Most homeowners are quick to try to repair these damages themselves. Although this may work in some cases, it is often the case that they cannot be pulled apart without damaging the mortar. Further, there are too many cracks and openings in mortar to easily work on one area at a time. If you want to repair mortar, you need to open up all the cracks and holes.

Our experts have the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We will keep the surface of the brick siding clean. Water or other elements can penetrate into the mortar and create further damage to the wall. Cleaning out the mortar before applying a new application will allow you to achieve maximum success. It is also important to remember that brick masonry sealant does not always work. 

Some areas may not need to be sealed at all. In order to determine what areas of your foundation may benefit from sealing, our contractors will advise you of all that is required to successfully complete all the brick repairs needed.

Once we have determined that your brick and block foundations need sealant, we then can determine how much to apply. Applying too much mortar can cause walls to crack, while too little will weaken the structure. To help achieve the best results, having one of our contractors to complete the process is very important.

Many homeowners mistakenly think that brick repair can be done by any non-professional contractor. Unfortunately, brick repair is a specialized job that requires only the skills of a professional with years of experience in the industry. In most cases, a masonry repair contractor has completed thousands of repairs of foundation walls. They will know the right tools to use and the correct methods to repair your damaged walls.

How to repair brick and block foundations doesn’t have to be a mystery. By hiring one of our specialists, who has experience in this field, you can ensure your home’s safety and get the job done right. If your foundation or chimney has resulted from severe weather or water damage, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to repair it. Simple tuckpointing or repair to your chimney could provide a solution to the problem. A well-thought-out plan with a skilled contractor can ensure the repair of your damaged brick or block foundation.

Decorative Brick Veneer in Eugene


In a time when many home builders are looking to save money by building homes from pre-fabricated blocks, there is something that many have not considered: adding a brick veneer to a traditional home can bring both style and cost efficiency. If cost is an option for you in building your next dream home, it may be time to look into this option. A few reasons why this could be the right choice for you include:

Bricks and mortar exterior provide a more durable and secure barrier to prevent against intruders or natural disasters. One of the most important benefits of a masonry veneer over other types of siding is that it provides an extremely solid and durable barrier to limit the amount of heat loss and water damage. Another extremely important benefit is that this type of construction is easier to install than some other options, which means that you can have the finished look of a more traditional home.

When compared to other materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and shingles, a solid brick veneer is significantly more resistant to fire and damage. Brick is a naturally flame-retardant material, which makes it one of the most fire resistant materials on the market today. It is also extremely strong and sturdy, meaning that there will be little or no cracking or splitting even if it is subjected to extreme temperatures or high winds.

One of the downsides to traditional construction is the amount of upkeep and maintenance required. With wood, vinyl, and other composite materials, it is not necessary to repair or replace the lumber. The only upkeep that is necessary is cleaning up debris and ensuring that the surface has been treated with a sealant at least once per year. 

With solid brick homes, however, this is not necessary because the bricks are built up on the surface of the ground, requiring little maintenance or cleaning. Brick is also an excellent choice for homes in high fire risk areas, since it is not easily damaged by fire or smoke. With these benefits, it is easy to see why brick masonry walls are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial applications alike.

A good quality product will last for years and provide good value for your money. In addition to providing good quality construction, brick veneers offer an aesthetically pleasing finish and can help to enhance the curb appeal of any home. 

Keep in mind that the initial investment in these types of siding materials may be higher than regular wood or brick wall, but over time, they will pay for themselves because of their durability and low maintenance requirements.

Brick Veneer Laying by worker


The benefits of brick masonry are numerous and the list continues to grow with each passing day. Brick is the oldest material used in constructing buildings and homes and it has a long history of being both beautiful and practical. Brick can withstand many centuries and years of time, it is adaptable to all climates, can be incredibly hard wearing and highly flexible.

The benefits of brick are many and they are all down to its strength, durability, and fire resistance. Brick is extremely resilient and is resistant to many kinds of damage and extreme conditions. Brick is resistant to fire and in fact many building structures were constructed around a fire pit in warmer climates where wood or other fuel was used as a source of heat. Fire bricks also have been used to reinforce stone walls, because they are naturally flame retardant.

The benefits of masonry are many and they all add value to your home. The energy efficiency that masonry offers is amazing. Brick is very energy efficient when compared to other materials. It offers many times the amount of insulation that you would get from insulation foil and it also offers about half the amount of air that is retained in any one space. 

With an extremely tight and solid interior surface, you will find that the energy consumption is much lower than if you used other materials. It is estimated that this type of masonry could save up to sixty-seven percent of energy costs over the life of a masonry structure.

The benefits are not just restricted to the construction of residential buildings. The construction of hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, plazas, dams, and many other structures is enhanced by the use of bricks. They also include the fact that they require very little maintenance and upkeep.

A building constructed with brick masonry will be stronger than structures built with other types of building materials. The bricks used in the construction process will be uniform in size, thickness, and composition so the structure will be stronger than structures built with different kinds of materials. 

The bricks will not fade or warp away because of weather conditions like rain, wind, and sun.

Brick is available in a variety of color tones, so it will be easy for builders to choose a design and color that will complement the rest of the building. It is also less expensive than other building materials that can be used as building materials.


Eugene Residential Decorative Brick Wall

If you are considering replacing or renovating your interior decor, consider investing in decorative bricks. Decorative bricks can make a dramatic focal point in any room. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. There is also a wide range of prices. This makes them affordable for anyone. Below are some benefits to installing decorative bricks:

Bricks can be mixed together to create textures. This can be done to create a look you love or one that will work in a room. For example, you might match a cream wall to a brick wall to create a border. Alternately, you could use the same color but create a pattern to enclose a space.

Another advantage to having interior decorative bricks installed is their durability. They are not like many other materials that are more likely to break and have more problems. Some are resistant to extreme temperatures and can stand up to extreme heat without problems. Therefore, you can create a focal point in a room and not have to worry about them deteriorating quickly.

Decorative elements add character to a room. They create visual interest and give the illusion of warmth. They can also create the illusion of a larger space.

The great thing with decorative bricks is that you will save money in the long run because you will not have to replace them. Bricks age really well and last for years.

Finally, they can create a focal point in a room and get attention from people passing by. When you have guests in the house, this is a good way to make them aware of where the party is. Even people in the most remote rooms will notice if the interior bricks are placed strategically. That makes them a great addition to a home improvement project.

If you are simply building a new addition to your home and you want to emphasize certain aspects of your design or if you are trying to create a unique design, then decorative bricks are the way to go! You will get attention, you will save money, and you will have a focal point in your home to really make it pop. Bricks can be placed in just about any area of a room or they can be arranged in long, thin rows.


Choosing the right retaining wall material is critical to the success of your landscaping project. Concrete, brick, natural stone, and wood are just a few options available when selecting the right material for your project or for your retaining wall repair. Each material offers a unique appearance that will complement the overall landscape designs you have selected.

Brick is a very popular choice. Brick comes in a variety of colors including brick sealer, tan, white, and color brick. Bricks are the easiest material to work with however they are also the strongest and heaviest choice. There is nothing more beautiful than walking into a garden with a large brick stone retaining wall sitting in the middle of the garden.

Completed Retaining Wall Project in Eugene backyard

Natural stone is the next most popular choice. The best thing about natural stone is its versatility. Natural stone can be used as a wall that spans several yards or can be used as a single long wall in the middle of the garden. The cost of natural stone is determined by the type of material chosen and the size of the stones used.

Another good choice for choosing the right material is wood. Wood has a unique appearance that some find very pleasing. Wood is a high-maintenance material because it must be protected from the elements. Termites, rot, and water can all take a toll on wood. Once properly treated the wood will add beauty to your garden for years to come.

A forth choice is concrete or block. Concrete or block is a popular option because it is durable, affordable, and attractive. The wall is not very flexible and this limits its use to only one side of the garden. When choosing concrete or block it is important to make sure that you choose our reputable company that will construct the wall properly. The cost of the material will be determined by the size and type of material that is used. For a small garden, a less expensive choice may be sufficient, but for larger gardens, it is best to select a material that is heavy enough to resist damage and that will last for many years without deteriorating.

Fifth, you can choose a decorative wall or fence as a substitute for the wall. Decorative fences look nice and add a touch of flair to your garden. However, if you have a little garden space and little room for a fence then decorative fencing may not be the right choice.

Sixth, you might want to try a wall that consists of non-slip tiles or rocks. These materials are durable and slip-resistant. They are made from materials that are similar to natural stone. These include slate, limestone, travertine, and river rock. There are also composite materials available that combine the texture of natural stones with vinyl.

You should choose your wall design and make sure it compliments your existing garden. If you have a natural feature in your garden, such as a large tree or a water feature, make sure the wall includes a design that enhances your garden’s beauty. Brick gives you that beauty and look that your wall is strong for years to come. In addition to having the right material for the wall, you also need to choose a pro for the installation. 

Our professional installation team will ensure the wall is strong and will last for years to come. It will also help eliminate any potential for accidents or damages. To learn more about the different materials available, and how they can enhance your garden, call us today to talk to one of our skilled team members.


Why it is best to hire our skilled brick repair contractor services? You’d agree that it’s very important to get the bricklaying and brick replacement done properly. That’s because wet or damp soil, the mortar that is not thoroughly mixed can cause serious damage to your newly constructed home. Hiring our professional brick masonry team will ensure that all the repairs and work are done thoroughly and with great skill. The following are the top reasons why it’s best to call us today for all your brick project needs:

Time Efficiency: If you have construction work that will take more than a few hours to complete, you wouldn’t want to be delaying any further for your home. It’s very important that you get the construction task completed as soon as possible. We will give you a free no-obligation quote of what the project requirements are. With every job we take on we have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the project within the set time. The contractors we work with also know where to find materials that are durable to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Cost-efficiency: Most homeowners don’t want to spend too much money on hiring a Brick Master to build or repair their home. But that doesn’t mean that they are cheap. Our prices are extremely affordable and competitive. We always strive to provide the best customer satisfaction and warranties in the industry. When you have peace of mind, so do we!

Safety: One of the main reasons to go for our brick masonry services is safety. Brick buildings tend to attract people due to its look. However, a lot of people get injured each year in falls from ladders and from building edges. To prevent any accidents, take some time off from your busy schedule, and talk to one of our experts about the best options available for us to do the work as we have the proper safety training.

The best services we offer are those that are done on time. Any good builder or repairman will never compromise with time efficiency and quality. So if you are planning to build a new house, get that retaining wall fixed or built, lay on some beautiful decorative bricks, take some time out to check out our top contractors and the services we offer. You can never go wrong with the help of the best bricklayers.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s best to hire us today for all your project or repair needs. You can always lean on us as we build some of the best brick walls in town!

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